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Chicago at Tampa Bay  -  Sunday @ 1:00 p.m. ET


Games like this are the great separators.  For the Bears, they’re hanging on to their playoff hopes with two teams ahead of them in their own division.  Tampa Bay took down their division leader last week, and tightened the division considerably by doing so. 


How they match up:


Bears D vs. Buccaneers O


The Bears haven’t really resembled a Bears’ defense so far.  Although they put in a nice effort against the Vikes.  Adrian Peterson picked up just 39 yards, likely helped by the early outburst from the Chicago offense, forcing more air work from the Vikings.  Julius Peppers played and had 2 sacks.  The teams that have been successful against this D have powerful O’s. 


For the most part, the Bucs have been a tough home team whose offense has been efficient.  Last week they jumped on New Orleans, then matched ‘em in the second half.  Josh Freeman spread it around and Earnest Graham gained over a hundred yards.  Throw out the blow out loss in San Francisco and this team has had a very solid offense throughout.


The Bears’ defense has been sketchy in all facets.  They’ll have to try to take the ball from the Bucs, but Tampa has been stingy with turnovers.  Josh Freeman has developed into a dependable QB.


Buccaneers D vs. Bears O


In beating the Saints a week ago, Tampa took the ball away four times.  That’s a pretty good prescription for success for a defense.  They held one of the most potent offenses to under 30 points for just the second time this season.  Season numbers are skewed when you add in the Frisco game, but this defense is capable of menacing some of the best offenses in the league.


The Bears have a chance to win when the offense doesn’t hurt them.  Hurt is a key word this week since one of their biggest weapons, Devin Hester was hurt in their last game.  It’s not like Jay Cutler had a boat load of weapons as it was.  They’ve been able to score on the weaker teams on the schedule, but Cutler struggles against the best.  If Matt Forte has a big day, the Bears can keep pace.


The Bears have two of their lowest three point totals in road losses.  For the second time this season, Tampa saved their season.  Does that equal momentum?


Who will cover the point spread?


If desperation is a factor, the Bears would have to be a favorite.  But Tampa has a more realistic chance to be competitive and in fact win their division.  The Bears were beaten badly in New Orleans.  The Bucs won a big division home game against the Saints.  But, 2+2 doesn’t always equal a good pick.  Get this pick for only $20. 






San Diego at New York Jets  -  Sunday @ 1:00 p.m. ET


One has a tendency to forget about a team when they are on their bye week.  This San Diego team has done something few Charger teams have done.  They’re off to a 4-1 start.  The Jets got a win on Monday night, but the jury is clearly unclear on their pending verdict.


How they match up:


Chargers D vs. Jets O


You would expect the San Diego offense to be the reason for the Chargers’ good beginning, but their defense has been very good as well.  They’re second in passing yards yielded.  Consider that the Patriots had a typically good day against them and you can figure out that they have done very well against the rest.  Of course, they’ve not faced a series of offensive juggernauts either.  Big plays at big times.


The Jets offense still hasn’t found their rhythm.  They still can’t find a running game and Mark Sanchez has been hot and cold.  It helps this offense that the Jets’ defense is capable of scoring too.  Inconsistency, too many 3 and outs, has been a real problem for the Jets.  The 4thQ hookup between Sanchez and Santonio Holmes on Monday is hoped to be the step the Jets have needed to point their way to a strong run.


The Chargers don’t necessarily have a shut down defense, but New York has been so inconsistent that SD will come in with a good level of confidence to battle the Jet offense.


Jets D vs. Chargers O


As one might expect, this defense is taking the ball away with great regularity.  They’ve got 9 interceptions and 5 fumble recoveries so far.  They have 17 sacks.  All these totals put this defense near the top in all categories.  Still, when they needed a big stop against the Patriots, they did no better than mediocre defenses do.  The defense isn’t the problem for the Jets.


This is one of the most complete offenses in the NFL.  Ryan Matthews has 85 carries and 20 catches for over 800 yards total.  He’s their new Ladanian Tomlinson.  And Vincent Jackson has lived up to the self-praise he heaped upon himself during last year’s hold out.  If there’s a problem, it’s Phillip Rivers’ 7 picks.  The Chargers can score with the best of them.  They just haven’t done that yet.  For them though, it’s early.


Let’s see, the Jets have 9 picks, Rivers has thrown 7 int’s.  Hmm…that seems like a perfect storm.  Rivers needs to make sure its there before the ball leaves his hand.


Who will cover the point spread?


The Jets have to be happy that the Bills and Patriots haven’t totally disappeared in front of them.  But, to win their second straight, they will need to be more efficient.  The Chargers are back on the east coast where they rarely do well.  This was thought to be a playoff preview when the schedules were released.  One of these teams is about to suffer a setback.  To find out who’s going to get a boost, click here and purchase this NFL pick.






Kansas City at Oakland  -  Sunday @ 4:05 p.m. ET


The schedule makers may be the culprits when trying to explain the Kansas City Chiefs’ fall from the upper echelon in the NFL.  They played two of the league’s big stories in their first two weeks.  For the Raiders, a few breaks here and there and this might have been an undefeated team heading into week 7. 


How they match up:


Chiefs D vs. Raiders O


There are some things that never seem to change in Kansas City.  Porous defense is one of them.  The Chiefs are vulnerable to the run.  This could be a case of wrong place, wrong time.  Still, they slowed down a tough San Diego offense, and did enough to win their last two against a couple of fading teams.  Tamba Hali has four sacks and they do have five interceptions. 


This is a team that runs first, so perhaps losing their starting quarterback to an injury wouldn’t be devastating.  In the aftermath, Oakland would love to get Carson Palmer from the Bengals.  Even if that happens, Palmer likely wouldn’t be capable of putting together a big effort coming off the couch.  Except for the Patriots’ game, this team has been doing its offensive job.


With Jason Campbell out, it will be hard to keep this train on the tracks, but the run game helps.  For the Chiefs, you’d think the defense would have an easier time of it without Campbell in.


Raiders D vs. Chiefs O


On most occasions, this defense has done just enough.  Although last week, the Browns climbed back in late.  But, after a successful on sides kick, Oakland kept the Browns out of the end zone.  This team is utilizing timely defense, a strong running game and opportunistic special teams play to get it done.  This defense can protect a lead. 


If there is a team that’s done nearly as well on the ground as the Raiders, it’s the Chiefs.  There hasn’t been a feature back, but they’re getting yards there.  Matt Cassel has thrown 8 td’s, but 5 picks and is averaging just under 200 yards per game.  The offense has been more effective with the defense doing better.  If this offense is to start holding up their end, the time is now. 


Kansas City has been at least resembling last year’s group in recent weeks.  But they haven’t done well against contenders.  Oakland’s D will likely pick it up with their offensive leader out.


Who will cover the point spread?


Losing a starting quarterback can be a fatal break for a team.  The Raiders are playing a team that hasn’t been able to do enough against strong teams.  Goals are different here.  Oakland needs to prove they can do it without Campbell.  Chiefs need to prove they can get back in the divisional race.  It is not all what meets the eye that is important.  Get this pick for only $20. 




Pittsburgh at Arizona  -  Sunday @ 4:05 p.m. ET

Neither looks like they’re headed toward a Super Bowl 43 rematch, but they both still have hope.  The Steelers are fighting a bloated injury list, while the Cardinals have hit on hard times since their season opening win against the Panthers.


How they match up:


Steelers D vs. Cardinals O


The Pittsburgh defense hasn’t been locking the opposition out, but they’ve controlled their offenses well enough.  They have given up fewer passing yards per game than anyone, but they haven’t exactly faced the league’s most deadly weapons.  This team used to be at or near the league lead in takeaways and they’ve only come up with two turnovers so far this year. 


Kevin Kolb was supposed to be the answer.  The finest receiver in the league is on this team.  Larry Fitzgerald also gets the attention of all opposing defenses.  But Kolb has thrown 7 picks.  They gave the Giants all they could handle, including failing in the fourth quarter, then lost in Minnesota to a team that hadn’t won yet. 


Ken Wisenhut will want this one badly.  Troy Polamalu has been cleared to play following what looked like a concussion last week..  The Steelers definitely play softer defense without him.  The Cards need their offense to control the ball.


Cardinals D vs. Steelers O


This Cardinal defense has that roller coaster look to them.  They will stop teams throughout, but when the game has been on the line, they can’t seem to dig in.  They did well at home against the Giants until the 4th quarter.  The line could do the pass defense a favor by getting pressure on the quarterback.  The defense wasn’t so good in their last game, but they’ve had a week to rest.


Who knows about the Steeler offense?  The line is a patchwork quilt.  Ben Roethlisberger will go from Manning like numbers as he had against Tennessee to Ryan Leaf like numbers as he had in the second half against Jacksonville.  The receivers are solid bordering on spectacular.  But with the trouble up front, it’s hit or miss as to whether they’ll get the game plan right on any given week.


With the 49ers bolting ahead, the slow start could already have deep-sixed the Cards.  The Steelers can’t afford to drop any game with Baltimore still ahead, and Cincinnati tied with them.


Who will cover the point spread?


By now, the Wisenhut familiarity is surely gone.  Still, he’s had more experience against the Steelers than any of the other West Division foes.  Pittsburgh doesn’t seem to be able to take the ball away, which they used to be quite good at.  And their offense goes in and out of the clouds.  One of these teams is going to put it together on Sunday.  Which one?  We know.  Get this winning NFL pick for only $20.



Indianapolis at New Orleans  -  Sunday @ 8:30 p.m. ET

Another scheduling coup if Peyton Manning was playing.  As it stands, it’s just a case of bad luck.  We’ll have to settle for just one Pro Bowl quarterback.  And certainly no Super Bowl like game.


How they match up:


Colts D vs. Saints O


This defense has had its moments.  It wasn’t their fault that the Bengals put last week’s game away with a turnover touchdown.  It was their fault that Kansas City came from way back to beat them two weeks ago.  But they had a good day against Pittsburgh and gave Tampa Bay a battle in their arena before succumbing.  They haven’t been very good against the run, not the power you want to give to the opposition.


Drew Brees certainly hasn’t stumbled much.  But he threw three picks at Tampa including the game clincher last week.  This team is usually a lock to have strong 3rd down numbers but their divisional rivals held them at bay, no pun intended, last week.  The Saints have not seemed to care if the opposition defense was a good one or not, they’ve done damage to their opponents most weeks.


Indy’s trouble hasn’t been with the defense.  They’ve given their offense plenty of chances to stay in games.  They’ll be hard pressed though to keep this team at bay.  The Saints at home in front of a national TV audience is usually a strong bet.


Saints D vs. Colts O


This is a workable defense, certainly not a super one.  They give up points to good offenses, hoping to make up for it on the offensive end.  They aren’t chopped liver, this just isn’t the main side of the ball in New Orleans.  They started slow a week ago and the offense could never catch up.  The goal against the Colts will be to continually give the offense chances to score.


It’s not going so well for this offense.  However, you aren’t seeing blowouts.  Curtis Painter and Kerry Collins have not been awful, just not at all like their usual quarterback.  Neither QB is being helped by their receivers.  They’re dropping way too many passes.  Outside of the opener with Houston, the Colts have been in every game and should have at least one win. 


Nothing like a struggling offense to pick up a defense that needs to take control in a game.  You’d think the Colts would start to get used to an offense without Peyton.  The Saints may be licking their chops coming into this one.


Who will cover the point spread?


While the Colts will seldom be the favorite without the big guy, they’ve been game in losing close to most of their opponents.  But the Saints are stinging a bit from the loss to Tampa Bay.  With the Falcons winning last week, the Saints loss tightened the division considerably.  They’ll want to get back on track immediately.  But it’s the spread that counts.  We know who is going to cover the spread.  Find out for yourself for only $20.



Baltimore at Jacksonville  -  Monday @ 8:40 p.m. ET

The Ravens made lots of personnel changes in the off season.  They got younger, faster, better.  Jacksonville made some puzzling moves, like cutting their quarterback right before the season started.  It can’t be a shock that Baltimore is streaking and Jacksonville is sinking.


How they match up:


Ravens D vs. Jaguars O


No one has scored more than 17 against Baltimore.  Houston was scoring well, but were held to two touchdowns last week.  Houston took the lead midway through the 3rd quarter last week, but the Ravens shut them out from there.  Everyone talks about Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, but Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata are capable of shutting an offense down completely.


Blaine Gabbert looks like he could be a good one.  But not yet.  The Jags’ passing game is dead last in the NFL.  They aren’t scoring many points, but they seem to have committed to growing Gabbert into a solid quarterback.  He’s been facing tough defenses and learning his lessons.  Unfortunately there aren’t enough players to pick the rookie up and carry him.


They’ve faced the Jets, the Steelers and now the Ravens.  Might as well just smack the new QB in the head a few times.  This Ravens’ defense must be licking their chops.  They don’t always play great on the road, but it may not matter here.


Jaguars D vs. Ravens O


The Jags’ D haven’t been terrible.  They gave up three early scores to the Steelers last week, but shut them out the rest of the way.  And the Saints didn’t chew them up and spit them out like they have with some.  They could use a little help from the offense.  They could do a little better pressuring the quarterback.  They could also help that weak offense by taking the ball away a time or two. 


There are times that this offense looks like they have fully matured into one of the league’s best.  Ray Rice is a great pro running back and Anquan Bolden should be that receiver that Joe Flacco can depend on.  Still, there are games where it doesn’t look good, like the Jets’ game.  They did little in Tennessee.  If the offense figures out how to be as good as the defense, no one will beat Baltimore. 


While the Ravens should move the ball against Jacksonville, there are no guarantees.  The Jags have a tendency to play these national TV games tough, especially at home.


Who will cover the point spread?


Jacksonville is clearly playing for the future with the rookie quarterback and a one win record at this point.  The Ravens are on the other end of the rainbow.  But, this is the NFL.  Obvious doesn’t always play out that way.  If you want to make a wise pick, based on cold hard facts, click here and buy our expert pick. 




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