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For those who are interested in betting on pro football, sportsbooks offer a wide selection of odds from which to choose.  The odds on pro football include point spreads for every game of the pre-season, regular season, playoffs and the Super Bowl. These odds give bettors a chance to have fast and consistent action throughout the season.


Within the realm of point-spread betting, there are many forms of wagers that can be made to make a profit from the odds on pro football. The bread-and-butter of many sports gamblers is the classic “straight bet” in which you pick one team to cover the point spread. If a team is a 4-point favorite and you wager this club to cover, they must win the game by more than 4 points for your bet to get the cash. A bet on the underdog puts the 4 points in your favor; your team can lose by 3 or fewer or win the game outright, and your bet will be a winner.



There are several combinations and versions of the point spread that give sports bettors a chance to experience a variety of action. The parlay bet is popular among pro football bettors because the potential payout. A parlay involves a wager on two or more point spreads of football games. Each pick must be correct for a parlay to win, which makes them more difficult to succeed with but also offers quite a reward if you happen to make great picks. A typical parlay might pay 6-to-1 for a three-team wager or 11-to-1 on a four-teamer; many bettors find these odds more appealing than betting $110 to win $100 on a standard straight bet. 



A variation of the point-spread bet called the teaser is also an effective tool for maximizing your profit from odds on pro football. A teaser alters the point spread in your favor and requires the selection of two or more teams to win. This comes in handy in pro football, where many of the games are close and end up near the original spread; an extra six points in your favor can add a nice cushion and make a big difference.  The key to winning teasers is limiting your wager to two teams, or three at the most. The temptation to place multiple teams on a teaser is the downfall of many bettors. A two-team, 6-point teaser usually requires a bet of $110 to win $100, the same as a standard straight bet. This wager is popular and profitable when betting pro football.  



Similar to a good buffet restaurant, oddsmakers give bettors more options than just one main course. They offer odds on pro football that appeal to a vast array of betting interests, including bets called future wagers and propositions. These types of bets can give a gambler action throughout the season, and a potentially lucrative payout should a long-shot wager come through.



A future wager is one that basically predicts the long-term result for a team or a season. Popular future bets on pro football include odds to win the conference championship or the Super Bowl. Bettors who have a hunch that their team is on the cusp of a breakout year can see a potentially huge windfall if they are correct.  For instance, if you like the Houston Texans to win the Super Bowl next year, you are likely to get at least 50-to-1 odds on your bet and such long shots, such as the St. Louis Rams of 1999, have hit in previous seasons.



A proposition or “prop” bet usually involves a wager on one particular facet of a team or a game. For instance, sportsbooks might offer a bet on whether Peyton Manning will throw more or fewer than 300 yards in a game. A wager on either side is a prop bet.    



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